Sugar Beads

Based on the popular jargon “baker accounts”, Pecege Projetos presents its initiative of courses focused on the sugar-energy sector. Yes, the term sugar was used only to make the analogy more pleasing to the ears. In practice, this is a series of training courses that will cover economic aspects of the production chain, from the production of cane, to its transformation into sugar, ethanol and bioelectricity.

And the idea is to get your hands dirty! With an approach practical and direct subjects, developing the concepts together with the structuring of dedicated Excel spreadsheets. That is, in addition to the content, you also take a support tool for decision making.

Below are listed the first courses prepared by the coordinators of Pecege Projetos, Haroldo Torres and João Rosa (Button). They will be rolled out gradually in the first half of 2021.

  • How much does my cane cost? Economic x accounting cost
  • How much does my sugar cost?
  • How much does my ethanol cost?
  • How much does my bioelectricity cost?
  • How to evaluate the economic return of agricultural inputs (fertilizers, pesticides, ripeners)?
  • When to reform the cane field? Economic evaluation
  • What is the value of my brass knuckle? Method of calculating the severance indemnity
  • Understanding the CONSECANA model
  • Understanding RenovaBio
  • Interpreting a plant balance sheet
  • How to calculate the cost of MEIOSI? Joint assessment with soy
  • How to calculate the renewal point of harvesters?
  • Operational dimensioning of the machinery park. How many machines do I need? Focus cane harvesters
  • Economic dimensioning of the machinery fleet. How much does my operation cost? Focus cane harvesters

Interested? So be sure to leave your contacts so that the launches occur, you arrive warned. If my sugar friend has another topic he would like to see here, let us know.